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The Foundation shares ways pet parents can avoid hazards at home during the holiday season

FRANKLIN, TENN., December 21, 2021 – After months at home together during the pandemic, 81% of pet parents say the increased time they’ve spent with pets has made their four-legged friends feel even more like family.* This holiday season, PEDIGREE Foundation is sharing ways to keep those furry family members safe during holiday festivities.

Here are important safety tips to consider.

• Tip-proof your tree. With all its color and sparkle, your dog may love your tree as much as you do. Use fishing line or wire to secure it to the wall or ceiling, so it won’t tip over if bumped by an excited pup.

• Decorate with dogs in mind. Choose non-breakable ornaments and decorations that won’t shatter if knocked down by a wagging tail. Avoid things made from salt dough and other food products that could tempt your pup, and skip dangling items that might be a hazard if swallowed.

• It’s not a water bowl, but… Some dogs may see the tree stand as a handy place to quench their thirst. Keep the water covered so pups can’t reach it, since it may contain bacteria or fertilizer.

• Practice fire safety. Never leave pets unattended around an open flame, whether it’s a candle or a fireplace. Consider battery-operated candles for ambiance without the risk. If your dog can reach the stove, be careful when cooking and cover or remove knobs that could inadvertently be knocked into the “on” position.

• Give your pup a safe space. Holiday parties can be a fun way to celebrate, but they can also be a source of anxiety for dogs who aren’t used to visitors. Watch for signs of withdrawal or aggression and make sure pups have a quiet place where they can relax and feel safe.

• No people food for pets! Treat dogs only with treats made specifically for them. People foods like onion, garlic, raisins, chocolate, alcohol and bones can be harmful for pets. Stick with dog treats and be sure to secure leftovers and trash where your pup can’t reach them.

• Know your plants. Various holiday plants can pose a risk for pets, including poinsettias, mistletoe, pine and holly. Make sure all plants in your home are safe for your whole family, including your pup.

• Avoid runaways. Sadly, the coming and going of guests can sometimes lead to a door left open and a dog gone missing. Put your dog in his or her crate or in a secure room while guests are arriving and leaving. Plus, make sure all pets are microchipped, just in case. A microchip greatly increases the chance a lost pet will make it home.

Every dog deserves a safe and loving home for the holidays and all year long. That’s why in 2021, PEDIGREE Foundation donated over $760,000 to shelters and rescues to help increase dog adoption. You can help by donating here to help the Foundation help more dogs.

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* KRC Research conducted online surveys of 1,003 U.S. pet parents from July 28 to August 8, 2021.